Photobook Kickstarters

Photobook Kickstarters are a way to be the first to get Aaron Knight’s artistic figure photographs as well as exclusive content. Kickstarter states their mission as “help bring creative projects to life.” They describe the process as “backers pledge to projects to help them come to life and support a creative process. To thank their backers for their support, project creators offer unique rewards that speak to the spirit of what they’re hoping to create.” Aaron Knight uses Kickstarter for new art photography projects including photobook Kickstarters. Here is some general information that applies to these projects:


If your address is in South Carolina

South Carolina customers must manually add 6% sales tax. City of Charleston customers add 9% sales tax; Daniel Island customers add 8%. Kickstarter doesn’t add the tax automatically, use the “adjust pledge” feature. After the project ends, we can send a tax invoice to pay online, or make other arrangements.

Aaron Knight has a retail license in Charleston South Carolina. We pay collected taxes to the state. Please pay the sales tax within 30 days or change your shipping address to outside the state to avoid your order being cancelled. SC tax is based on where the rewards are shipped. Outside South Carolina, including international, there is no Charleston or South Carolina sales tax.

If your address is outside the US

If you live outside the United States, your purchase is likely subject to VAT and possibly import duties collected by your government. VAT is not included in the reward prices. Some countries have a lower VAT rate for photography and books. Exactly how low VAT will be depends on your country. The tax is what it is, there is nothing we can do on our end to lower it. We’ve done a lot of international shipping, and can research specific situations at your request. Shipments are accompanied by import documents with all the required information. We can use your FedEx or UPS account to greatly expedite the process right to your door. Please inquire for details.

APO/FPO addresses are considered inside the United States for shipping/documentation purposes.

Limitations of Liability and other Rants

Kindly claim your physical rewards by completing the reward survey within 30 days after it is issued. This will help with prompt shipping. Missing information in the reward survey may result in delivery delays. Surveys that are not completed within 30 days will mean delays in shipping. I need to move on with other projects.

Surveys that are not completed within 60 days will be considered abandonment of your reward; any refund will be at my discretion. I understand things happen, no need to give me details, just get in touch when you can. I can likely still send your reward based on circumstances but there can be substantial delays and I reserve the right not to store rewards indefinitely.

Please make sure your shipping address is correct, accessible, and someone available to sign if applicable. Shipping can be expensive, especially internationally. Reshipping returned packages due to customer errors will typically require additional payment.

Please claim your digital rewards by creating an account on my site and downloading the file(s) within six months. We pay AWS hosting and transfer costs for fast downloads worldwide. We may keep the files up beyond six months, but we reserve the right not to. If you do contact us a year later about the reward you forgot to download. Understand the artist can’t drop everything to accommodate this, it may take time, especially if it coincides with travel for a shoot or creating the next photobook.

Keep digital rewards on your device(s) and back them up. We don’t provide cloud hosting or backup services.


Some rewards are exclusive to Kickstarter backers. This often includes certain digital content. That means you can only buy these rewards during the funding period. You can’t buy exclusive rewards after a photobook Kickstarter ends.

Custom Rewards

Message Aaron Knight on Kickstarter for a custom reward for combinations over $300. This can often save you on shipping cost versus doing add-ons, and help you get exactly what you’re looking for.