Art photography by Aaron Knight

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These articles provide current and future art collectors with important information about buying limited edition archival photographs from Aaron Knight. If you are new to collecting art or photography, you might be wanting some specific information and definitions regarding just what is a limited edition. If you have questions about certificates of authenticity or international shipping and import duties, we hope these details will be helpful as you plan your purchase.

Buying your first art nude photograph can be an exciting but also confusing journey. This article on buying your first fine art nude can be a guidepost as you embark on the right of passage that is decorating your home with your first original artworks.

Some very common art collector questions revolve around framing and protecting art photography. Many photography collectors are looking for guidance on how to choose a framer and if there are any considerations about approaching a frame shop with a nude photograph. This article on how to frame and protect your artwork also explains why it makes sense to buy unframed limited editions and have them framed in the customer’s city, to reduce cost, environmental impact, and avoid damage.