About Photo Books

A number of nude coffee table book titles are available featuring the art of Aaron Knight. Each book features art photography along a specific theme. Books begin with an essay, written by the artist, which introduces the art motifs and motivations.

Why collect nude art photo books?

Buying an art nude coffee table book can be less expensive than purchasing an original art photograph. Regardless of cost, art lovers are generally looking for images that are aesthetically pleasing and which create some kind of personal connection. Art photography books are also convenient. It can be easier to store and display a book than to frame and present an original art photograph.

Unlike deliberating over an original artwork that will hang prominently in your home, photo books can be more of an impulse purchase. Contemplation and consultation are rarely needed prior to buying a book.

Specifics of Aaron Knight photo books

Each Aaron Knight nude coffee table book is 8½ x 11 inches/22 × 28 cm. For a larger and an even more upscale but affordable art book purchase, check out the photographer’s deluxe oversize portfolio albums. In addition to the reasonable cost of photo books, they are ready to enjoy—no framing required.

The photo books have 100 images each, beautifully printed on 100 lb. paper. This semi-gloss paper provides vivid, saturated colors and crisp images. Thicker paper avoids show-through, which is important for enjoying each image without interference from any image or text on the other side. Heavier paper also provides for stronger binding and less potential to curl.

The books are autographed by the artist. Unlike original photography by Aaron Knight, the books are not limited in quantity, and individual books are not numbered. Availability is, however, subject to stock on hand. Out-of-stock photo books may be backordered. Restocking occurs every quarter (three months). However, some photo books have been discontinued.

Because Aaron Knight photo books are available only from the artist’s studio, there is no barcode or price printed on the cover, allowing for a clean presentation. Retailers may clear-wrap the books and attach a barcode on a sticker.

Liquid Nudes Art Photo Book by Aaron Knight

Each nude coffee table book includes the following

  • An introductory essay
  • 100+ beautifully printed nude images
  • 88 pages on premium 100 lbs, semi-gloss paper
  • 8.5 × 11 inches/22 × 28 cm
  • Artist’s autograph
  • About the artist section
  • An ISBN (International Standard Book Number)

Pink Sands | Fine art nude photography book by Aaron Knight

About 1st and 2nd editions and printings

Some photo books may be marked “second edition,” “third edition,” “second printing,” and so on. These designations appear on both the online product listing as well as the copyright page of the book. You can confirm which edition and printing your book is by looking at the copyright page in the front of the photo book.

Note: The use of the word “edition” in this meaning applies to books and there is no parallel to editions of Aaron Knight’s original wall art photographs. Photo book editions are (generally) not limited. Similarly, there are never second editions of Aaron Knight artworks, as that would contradict being a limited edition.

The first time an Aaron Knight photo book is printed, it’s the first edition and first printing. If there are minor changes to a book after that, it will be a second printing. If there are major changes, that qualifies as a second edition. Only the most recent edition and printing of a book will be available for sale as these are improved versions. Older versions are retired.

Editions and printings should not be confused with a first and second volume. If a book comes in more than one volume, all volumes are available at the same time. Volume two is the sequel to volume one.

Poolside photography book | Art nudes by Aaron Knight

What qualifies as a new printing

  • Upgraded paper (current books use 100 lb paper; older editions may use lighter paper)
  • Minor changes to images (minor color correcting or lightening or darkening certain tones)
  • Minor corrections to text (misspellings, hyphenation errors, etc.)
  • Minor fixes to layout (alignment of text, images, margins, page numbers)
  • Updated or reformatted front matter or rear matter (copyright page, about the artist, etc)

In short, a new printing adheres to the original intention of the book design and only has corrections and upgrades.

What qualifies as a new edition

  • Additional or updated photos (a few photos may be replaced with other images)
  • New or expanded essays
  • Major changes to formatting
  • Additional pages
  • Changes to the cover

Environmentally friendly photo books

Aaron Knight chooses vendors who minimize their impact on the environment. This happens by sourcing materials with minimal environmental impact, and working vigilantly to ensure the lightest possible carbon footprint throughout the printing process. These steps include printing on eco-friendly paper stocks from sustainable sources. The fine art images that appear on the pages of the photo books are rendered with superior quality vegetable-based inks. Printing waste products are recycled.

Care of coffee table books

Photo books should be enjoyed with clean hands. Store the books in a living space, where temperature and humidity are controlled and consistent. Storing books together on a shelf, or in a drawer or other enclosure can help prevent dust build-up.