Artwork for Interior Design Trade

Aaron Knight works with interior designers to provide limited edition contemporary photography for your residential and commercial interior design clients. Artwork for the interior design business often involves special considerations for the agency, art advisor, gallerist, or other trade account. Interior designers seeking original contemporary photography typically approach me by indicating a few artworks their clients enjoy. Aaron Knight can often show you additional works in the pipeline based on particular styles. Although each published artwork is available in a single size, future works can be arranged on a bespoke or semi-bespoke basis.

Summary of Trade Relations

  • Interior designer purchases: We are interested
  • Physical gallery representation: We are provisionally interested
  • Online gallery representation: Interested in only the best fit
  • Licensing for print: Not interested
  • Art rental: Not interested

Bespoke and semi-bespoke art photography

Bespoke artworks are created exclusively for a client (one of a kind) or exclusively for a firm (available only to their clients). A cost premium applies to exclusive/bespoke works, with unique works requiring a significant premium. The artist will create a work of art, in his style, in coordination with the client and considering the client’s and end collector’s input. The client may review the progress and offer additional opinions.

Semi-bespoke artworks, on the other hand, are created without a cost premium or obligation to buy, and they are based on the input and direction of the consulting designer or gallerist.

Terms for trade accounts

Artwork for interior design tradeIn consideration of your professional status Aaron Knight offers accommodations to trade customers. Terms are volume dependent for intermediaries including interior designers and galleries. For example, if artwork is shipped directly to an art photography collector, the private collector has 14 calendar days to inspect the art for the unlikely occurrence of shipping damage. If shipped to a business intermediary, the business staff has only 5 business days to inspect the work. Please inquire directly regarding other considerations for trade accounts.

Limited edition contemporary photography

Whether you seek artwork for interior design or are advising an art photography collector, you may wish to start by browsing the original contemporary photography Aaron Knight has available in his catalog.

Please note, Aaron Knight is the sole producer of Aaron Knight limited edition photography. The artist does not license any artwork for reproduction or printing by other parties. He is not interested in creating large-run editions.