Red E Portfolio

Deluxe oversized portfolio album


  • 26 black and white erotic art photographs
  • 13×11 inches/33×28 cm
  • Limited to 20 albums
  • Signed/numbered
  • Black linen hardcover with laminated dust jacket
  • Durable library binding
  • 140 lbs ProLine Pearl photo paper by Mohawk
  • Heavyweight end sheets

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The portfolio album for the Erotiche photobook set. Twenty-six images that epitomize the theme. Printed on the highest quality paper (140lbs Mohawk pearl-line). 11×13 inches. Limited to 20 copies, each signed and numbered. The Erotiche Red is an erotic art portfolio album celebrating sensual nude photography. It is produced in a limited edition of twenty copies.

Although this is an unapologetic celebration of the sensuality of the female form, it is more than a collection of appealing body parts. Each image is crafted with an aesthetic that embodies the spirit of passion by embracing line, shape, and pattern. This collection was photographed with an emphasis on composition and each image painstakingly selected from amongst thousands of options. The subjects were chosen for their portrayal of confidence and unabashed self expression.

In the canon of human beauty, there is an array of features and body types. This collection is curated from a narrow band of that spectrum, based on my perspective. I neither create nor document elegance, but pay homage to it. My images are a glimpse at an alternate reality, not a captured moment from life. Although the camera is thought of as not lying, it is always my intention to create a fiction that exists in my mind, not that which exists in front of the lens. The women I collaborate with are equally complicit in this masquerade, as an actor on a stage might take an audience willingly to suspend disbelief—to see her as the character whom she portrays. I prefer an image that becomes more interesting as it is studied to one that relies on a sudden visual impact. Striving for this elusive goal is a process of constant evolution.

I reserve my creative energy for the portrayal of the subject. My goals are independent of my medium—the same as if I were working with oil paints. I strive to create artwork, not photographs. I feel as though I owe no particular allegiance to traditional concepts of what a photograph should be.

The compositions in this erotic art portfolio explore both the psyche and the physical, speaking to the longstanding relationship between creativity and a positive energy of sensuality.


Aaron Knight Fine Art