Full Attraction Portfolio

Deluxe oversized portfolio album


  • 13×11 inches, 33×28 cm
  • Printed on 140 lbs ProLine Pearl photo paper by Mohawk
  • 26 images
  • Limited to 15 copies
  • Hand numbered and signed by artist Aaron Knight
  • Black linen hardcover with laminated photo dust jacket
  • Durable library binding
  • Heavyweight end sheets

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Nude pinup portfolio

This deluxe oversized nude pinup portfolio album is printed to the highest standards with top quality materials. A collection of top images printed on super high quality paper. Contains a mix of subtle and provocative images in the nude pin-up style. Shipped in a reusable clear memorabilia wrap.

An homage to classic pinup nude, the portfolio album counterpart to the Ample Beauty photobook.

In this collection of images, Art photographer Aaron Knight pays homage to classic pin-up with his tribute to the genre. His style includes choosing colors with the same discretion as he would an oil painting. In art school Knight learned to draw, paint, and make photographs. Through this process he learned not only to appreciate the choice of subject, but to accentuate details and to mix the colors to evoke emotions. The artist has spent many hours adjusting composition and color to bring his style to the subject. Some color shifts and deliberate angles of view may be obvious but others may be more subtle. Although proficiency is important to him, technique is only a means to an end; not for its own sake. Knight’s mind is on designing the scene in front of the camera and exhibit it in a way that engages the viewer. These images are as much imagination as reality.

The artwork celebrates sensuality, referencing traditional ideas of beauty in a blend of nostalgia and commentary. The approach to nudity is unapologetic; a candid and individual perspective of sensuality, neither outright erotic, nor with a requirement for modesty. The subjects play characters with intoxicating personalities; dramatizing energy, desirability, playfulness, or defiance.


Aaron Knight Fine Art

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