Sand and Serenity Portfolio

Deluxe oversized portfolio album


  • 26 photographs
  • Large photo album, 13×11 in, 33×28 cm
  • Limited to 25 copies
  • Signed and numbered by artist Aaron Knight
  • Black linen hardcover with laminated dust jacket
  • Durable library binding
  • Printed on 140 lbs ProLine Pearl photo paper
  • Heavyweight end sheets

Sold Out

The accompanying portfolio for the photobook Pink Sands. In this album, the colors, shapes and textures of Harbour Island Bahamas meld with the beauty of the nude female form. Coral sand beaches, luminous waters, endless sky, and seven beautiful models come together in this collection and discover untouched island beauty.

The opening page of the portfolio, depicts a single figure strolling the waterline at sunrise. The horizon bisects the scene, separating the sky from sand and sea in this landscape depiction of the female form. The next image continues this theme with another centered horizon, intense blue water and an equally striking blue sky, distinguishable only by the dark line of the distant edge of visibility over the Atlantic ocean. A lone figure, her back to the viewer, surveys the impressive panorama.

Additional images feature multiple models, contrasting in skin tone and posture. Some are in a loose, friendly embrace, while others wander into the water of a shallow bay. Unclad figures kneel in the sand, the electrifying emotion of the breathtaking landscape apparent in their expression and body language. Revelers rejoice in the surf, white foam splashing against their torsos. Sand adds texture to skin and distant vegetation adds a splash of green to the predominantly blue and salmon color palette.

A diver and an underwater swimmer offer more abstract depictions of the feminine form, framed by the splashes, bubble, and a kaleidoscope of aquatic colors. A rising shipwreck and jagged volcanic formations assert a darker mood in black and white images.


Aaron Knight Fine Art