Secret Embrace Portfolio

Deluxe oversized portfolio album


  • 26 photographs
  • 13×11 in, 33×28 cm
  • Limited to 25 copies
  • Signed/numbered
  • Black linen hardcover, laminated dust jacket
  • Durable library binding
  • 140 lbs ProLine Pearl photo paper
  • Heavyweight end sheets

Sold Out

Production of this portfolio album is limited to 20 copies and was made possible in part by supporters.

The common visual thread of figures intertwined, overlapped, or otherwise visually connected, sparked this portfolio. These compositions present tangled encounters of limbs, torsos, and flowing hair. Paired in symmetry, reflection or tension.

The photographs are spontaneous, unexpected celebrations of beauty with a dash of sensuality. The presentation in unapologetic in displaying the unencumbered body.

You are invited to enjoy this dreamlike world and to ponder it’s inhabitants that live somewhere between a mythological eroticism and surreal pinup. Each composition has been painstakingly prepared in accordance with a particular aesthetic, intended not just to display beauty, but to explore it through a mixture of cultural and artistic influences.


Aaron Knight Fine Art