The Artist 2/10

Edition of 10 ~ 24×16 inches


  • From a limited edition of 10 archival photographs
  • Signed and numbered by artist Aaron Knight
  • Image: 24×16 inches/61×41 cm
  • Paper: 26×18 inches/66×46 cm



Signed original art nude

In this limited edition signed original art nude photograph titled “The Artist” she poses with an easel and paintbrush; items were found in a working painter’s studio. Her classical pose exudes a sense of ease and strength. With feet together and legs straight, she arches backwards and reaches toward the ceiling. She grasps the large brush in both hands. Her head is tilted up and her hair hangs freely down her back. Her open mouth expresses emotion.

The floor is strewn with paint, debris, and, seemingly, bits of the floor itself. It is a lightweight, three-leg easel, implying the modest means of an artist. The grid of ice-blue blocks in the luminous window is in disrepair. Cobwebs, cracks, and dirt cover the old glass.

The window occupies the top half of the frame, while the lower half is predominantly negative space. An easel forms an A-frame near the center of the composition. The easel is strategically placed, with the left riser aligning with her torso and legs. Her pose is rigid and upright, echoing that of the easel.

In this limited edition signed art nude photograph, the artist makes use of a limited color palette. The negative space is predominantly cool blues, while the foreground subjects are a range of warm caramels. Only her hair and a few shadows through the form approach neutral tones. The limited range of hues imparts a narrative, illustrative feeling.

The sharp lines of the easel almost merge with the golden figure. The figure and easel shimmer in light while the striking ice-blue blocks shine behind them.

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