Metà quadrate (mmxxii)

Edition of 4 ~ 34×34 inches


  • From a limited edition of 4 archival photographs + 1 Artist’s Proof
  • Signed and numbered by artist Aaron Knight
  • Image: 34×34 inches/86×86 cm
  • Paper: 36×36 inches/91×91 cm


Art-ID: JM1_3018b Medium: Collections: ,

Artistic nude photography

Two halves of a square form the background for this instance of artistic nude photography. A golden figure reaches for the top of a concrete surface. Above, rich blue sky creates contrast. The division is nearly straight and centered. Her head protrudes into the blue half.  Her back and posterior cast a strong shadow in the foreground.

This formal composition, and the choice of a square format, mix a sense of contemplation with artistic nude photography. Her rigid stance echos the fixed nature of the concrete.

The woman’s face is hidden in mystery, a hint of her features gives indications of her mind and spirit. It is mostly through body language that we learn about her. She is pressed to the surface, back curved, chin raised. We are left to wonder where she is and what the concrete surface is part of.

A variety of details punctuate this composition. Texture, lines, cracks, and pocks accent the concrete. The figure’s backside is dusted with sand. Her hair creates a focal point with it’s texture. Her head is tilted toward the sky and as if observing. Faint clouds streak through the smooth vault of blue. A diagonal line of cloud implies the trail of an airplane.

Her body’s vibrant color stands out against the neutral backdrop. This is balanced by the intensity of the sky above.


Anonymity is not unknown in artistic nude photography. However, in the work of Aaron Knight, it is the exception. Additionally, the majority of his work is rectangular, and this composition is a square.

Other artistic nude photography to consider

The overall mood of the artwork is static, balanced with vertical and horizontal divisions of the square. Compare this to a dynamic square image of the same female subject, this artwork of a dancer leaping in the air.

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