Mia Bliss

Edition of 3 ~ 48×32 inches


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  • From a limited edition of 3 archival photographs
  • Signed and numbered by artist Aaron Knight
  • Image: 48×32 inches/122×81 cm
  • Paper: 50×34 inches/127×86 cm


Contemporary nude photograph

This contemporary nude photograph employs a variety of colors and shapes to showcase the body. We witness a solitary female slowly moving away through water. Mia seem oblivious to her surroundings. Her pace is leisurely and her demeanor  calm.

Bright sunlight defines one side of her face. A raised hand and forearm shine in the brightness. The woman’s torso is illuminated down to the knee. On her other side, her face and an arm dip into bluish shade. Shadows delineate her chin, curves, and abdomen. One foot, near the surface, is visually isolated, a curious bright spot at the bottom of the frame.

Her head, torso, and legs form a vertical pillar. This strong vertical, on it’s own would feel static. However, her body is just off-center. With the figure pushed to the right, the eye searches for balance. This is stable vertical is also disrupted by her arms, aligned along a diagonal. Her tilted head, bent knee, and splashes of water all add to the sense of movement.

This contemporary nude photograph blends aesthetics with a bit of pinup. The body is presented both for it’s visual splendor and allure. Irregular compositional elements encourage the art collector or viewer to examine all the details.

Compare this to a different artwork of a nude swimmer which shows a different woman and only the subject’s back.

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