Blue Pony

Edition of 4 ~ 40×27 inches


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  • From a limited edition of 4 archival photographs
  • Signed and numbered by artist Aaron Knight
  • Image: 40×26.7 inches/102×68 cm
  • Paper: 42×28.7 inches/107×73 cm


Contemporary pin-up photography

This image is an example of contemporary pin-up photography, blending elements of nostalgia with contemporary components. A nude figure strikes a pose on a blue metal carousel horse. She sits astride it with one leg wrapped around the horse’s head, the other stretched back as she leans jauntily over to one side. Her arms are above her head, with one hand behind her head. Her red-brown hair is pulled behind her shoulders. The other arm extends upward as she raises one figure, beckoning the viewer.

The nude figure glows against a muted background of greys and browns. Her fiery skin tone glows in contrast with the dark, cool tones surrounding her. The image is cropped closely around the woman’s body, who fills the composition, radiating warmth and energy. There is a sense of theatricality to this image, as though she is performing for the camera, and for the viewer.

Implements of metalwork can be made out in the dimly-lit background: tanks of welding gas with dials, valves, and hoses, bins of parts, a drill, and other tools. She appears to be in a workshop, playfully bringing to life a scrap from an old carousel. While her surroundings appear mundane, dull and dusty, she is bathed in warm light that accentuates the curves and forms of her body. She appears to float in the center of the image, frozen in mid-air and removed from her drab environment. The expression on her face is coy and welcoming.

This contemporary pin-up photography image rewards close viewing with tiny details throughout. A barely-visible pentagram hangs from the black choker around her neck. The rich texture of her skin, as well as strands of hair and eyelashes, are discernable. The detail on the hard, glinting surface of the painted metal horse contrasts with her smooth and supple skin.


Aaron Knight

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