Diabolus Pair

Edition of 8 ~ 18×12 inches


  • From a limited edition of 8 archival photographs
  • Signed and numbered by artist Aaron Knight
  • Image: 18×12 inches/46×30 cm
  • Paper: 20×14 inches/51×36 cm


Two nude women in a mildly erotic aesthetic theatrical performance. This moderately explicit artwork is intricately tooled to present more questions than it answers about the pair. Carefully composed, we see two female figures, the front of one, and the back of another. The front figure hides her front as well as obscuring some of the seated woman. Despite lending modesty to the lighter haired woman, her pose is blatantly exhibitionist.

The ghostly color palette imparts a metaphysical element to the domestic scene. Of the kneeling figure, we see a hint of her turned face, behind strands of jet black hair. Her dark strands reflect cold blue light, furthering the surreal color scheme.

The seated figure, in contrast, has dark blonde hair, with stark grain. She makes eye contact with the viewer, head and shoulders above those of her counterpart. Her elbow leans on the bended woman’s shoulder.

A variety of textures surround the pair. A tight pattern of right angles in green and navy blue blankets the floor that they rest on. Interlocking knots of gold and green adorn the chair central to their poses. Narrow vertical lines in a range of blues.

Beyond a simple display of body parts, this in an artistic representation of the human body, intentionally crafted for a nuanced emotional response. The composition, lighting, and attention to detail all contribute to the creation of a thought-provoking and intellectually engaging piece of art. Hang this stunning photograph in your home or office, and let it serve as a reminder of the timeless sensuality and beauty of the human form. The compact size of this artwork makes it easy for you to find the right place to display this erotic aesthetic.

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