The Good Life

Edition of 4 ~ 27×40 inches


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  • From a limited edition of 4 archival photographs
  • Signed and numbered by artist Aaron Knight
  • Image: 26.7×40 inches/68×102 cm
  • Paper: 28.7×42 inches/73×107 cm


Fine art photography

This is large-scale fine art photography depicting an inspiring figure swimming through brilliant blue waters. She is on her back propelling herself through the water with outstretched arms and kicking legs. Depicted in mid-motion, one knee is bent and both legs are mostly submerged. Her arms are over her head, floating near the surface. Her expression is pleasant but intense, with parted lips she appears to inhale in the midst of traversing the pool.

Afternoon sunlight reflects off the ripples, creating a dazzling display that accentuates the electrifying teal color of the pool. The brightest highlights are near the lower edge of the composition. The woman is framed by the expanse of blue. An essence of leisure and relaxation is evident in the protagonist’s posture. Her buoyant body is extended, her back is arched, and her chest is lifted to display her vibrant figure. The top of the image features chaotic splashes, suggesting she is swimming near a waterfall. Below the woman is her shadow, indicating the depth of the pool in which she swims.

This fine art photography scene of a woman leisurely floating on her back in an outdoor swimming pool is tranquil and comforting. Despite her apparent athletic prowess, she give a surrene vibe in the inviting, aqua-colored water.

A lack of landmarks or recognizable features gives the photograph a timeless and universal appeal.