Mia Flying

Edition of 4 ~ 34×34 inches


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  • From a limited edition of 4 archival photographs
  • Signed and numbered by artist Aaron Knight
  • Image: 34×34 inches/86×86 cm
  • Paper: 36×36 inches/91×91 cm


Large colorful nude artwork

On initial reaction, this large colorful nude artwork is attention grabbing. The statement is arresting. The visual information is plentiful. A bronze female nude, limbs outstretched, flies through brilliant blue water. Jet-black hair floats out in a plume. Mia is absorbed in the moment, unaware or unconcerned with her surroundings or onlookers. The nude woman’s bold pose exudes unabashed sensuality. Rippling water saves the meek from seeing every detail, but the explicit message is unchanged.

Mia soars through the liquid as if it were air. She is mid-stroke, her arms and legs at their apex. This is an larger-than-life moment; an instant from a myth. Everything aligns in a flash, glimpsed and then it is gone. But it never existed, except in our minds, and here.

Her hair is captivating, spreading like ebony fire beneath the surface. The strands float in an almost symmetrical pattern. Her hair is conspicuously voluminous. It frames her face, but also draws attention to the section of the image.

The nude woman’s face and chest are all that break the surface. The rest of her body is thinly veiled in reflection and refraction. Yet, her body fills the frame, giving a feeling of closeness. She is present and distant at the same time.

Bright shapes of greenish-blue accent the space around her. The reflections hint at a shallow pool. Light dances over the nude woman’s torso, just below the surface. Bubbles and swirls populate the negative space around the subject. No portion of the composition is without some aquatic feature or pattern.

The overall feelings of this large colorful nude artwork are nostalgic, triumphant, and exuberant. Her expression is serene. She indulges, unconcerned with criticism. Art collectors who seek square format photography may be pleased with the large size of this artwork.



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