Double Life

Edition of 6 ~ 30×20 inches


  • From a limited edition of 6 archival photographs
  • Signed and numbered by artist Aaron Knight
  • Image: 30×20 inches/76×51 cm
  • Paper: 22×32 inches/81×56 cm


Art-ID: AT8_5513 Medium: Collections: ,

Art nude photography

In an overhead view, a woman lays, isolated on a large sheet. A pillow props her head up. She looks to the side. She’s either looking at something off of the bed or she’s giving an empty stare, lost in thought. This art nude photography contains several key elements in its sparse composition.

The major compositional elements of this art nude photography are the woman and the vast expanse of negative (less-detailed) space around her. The negative space consists of the white sheet and pillow. There is a texture of folds and wrinkles that surrounds her. Smaller points of interest are scattered through the scene.

The sheet and pillow have a slight blue cast to them, although some warm shadows are also present. Additional textures can be found in light goosebumps on her body and the scrap of newspaper near her foot.

Her body is mostly symmetrical. She is centered, however her figure is slightly out of alignment with the vertical edges of the image. A bent leg also helps break the symmetry. The image is neither overt nor concealing in its presentation of her nude form. For the uninitiated, however, the plain presentation of the unclothed body in art nude photography may be unexpected.

The small details that are apparent upon closer inspection begin with the phone she holds in her hands. The phone is the darkest object in this high-key scene. She loosely clutches it to her sternum with one hand on top of the other. Hands are a natural point of interest which often give a clue as to a character’s intentions or thoughts. In this case, her relaxed hands indicate she is no longer concerned with her phone, perhaps having set it down while drifting into contemplation.

Around her neck are two silver chains. One strand holds silver stars. The other is a crucifix, barely discernible at its size and angle, resting on her jugular. Her eyes are dramatically outlined with thick eyelashes. Her nails are trim and painted with a french tip manicure. Her toenails, in contrast, are a deep rose color.

Near her outstretched leg is a scrap of newspaper. The paper is torn, a quarter page ripped from its context, one might assume for the purpose of retaining a specific piece of information. The content of the paper, is illegible. The narrow column headings suggest this might be a classified advertising section. The inclusion of a phone and newspaper in the same image suggests a particular time period when both were prominent in people’s daily lives.

The protagonist’s expression and mood are difficult to read. She appears content, seemingly she is comfortable and wants for nothing in a material sense. However, she seems lost in thought and disconnected from the present moment. The overhead perspective gives the feeling of a narrative rather than any kind of personal interaction with the subject.



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