Archival Storage Tube


This tube is a solution for collectors who do not plan to immediately frame their artwork. As a convenience to you, the artist’s studio will source appropriate archival storage for art photography. We will substitute these long-term archival materials for standard shipping tubes and ship the artwork ready for extended storage. Kept in a climate controlled environment, the archival tube preserves the photographs safely inside non-reactive materials.

Art-ID: Arch-Tube Medium:
  • Photographs will be shipped in archival protective glassine, in the tube
  • Complies with Photographic Activity Test (PAT, ISO18916)
  • Each tube holds up to 2 photographs
  • Tube diameter 3 inches/76mm, length 28-37 inches/71-94 cm based on artwork
  • Size, color, and style may vary based on availability
  • Storage items are special order and require additional dispatch time
  • We will contact you to verify adequacy for your situation
  • Inquire if you have specific requirements

Not sold separately. Archival storage for art photography must be ordered with at least one archival photograph.

Please note that curing will occur during storage; this is normal and artworks can be flattened by a professional framer. It is not recommended that tubes be used to store artworks that will be periodically unrolled then re-rolled by the collector. If you choose to unroll and re-roll your photograph, take care not to damage to the paper during handling. For artworks to be viewed unframed, an archival storage box is an option.



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