Mia Rati 2/6

Edition of 6 ~ 20×30 inches


  • From a limited edition of 6 archival photographs
  • Signed and numbered by artist Aaron Knight
  • Image: 30×20 inches/76×51 cm
  • Paper: 32×22 inches/81×56 cm


Art of a woman swimming

This photographic art of a woman swimming explores an unusual point of view. Her nude figure is inverted: her head at the bottom of the frame and feet at the top.

We look from above, her face, chest, and hips protrude from the water, emphasizing an hourglass shape. Our vantage point seems close. The proportions of her torso and raised leg are exaggerated at this angle. Her abdomen is foreshortened by perspective, while her raised thigh is in proportion with her chest. Both arms recede into into the shadowy blue water.

This idealized feminine contour is depicted against the vague background of water. The marriage of these visual concepts begs us to explore and question what we see.

The colors of gold, turquoise, and blue-grays, vibrate against each other. Although the hues are unreal, they nevertheless draw us deeper into the fantasy. Her expression and tipped-back head convey ecstasy. Half-closed eyes exemplify the emotion.

The brighter blues of the water glow against the inky indigoes.  Her golden nude body is brilliant in contrast to the cool tones of the blue surrounding her.

Various elements of the composition seem suspended in time. Her hair floats in every direction around her head. Drops and trickles of water dance from her sternum to clavicle. Water beads on her chin. Bubbles rise through the swirls and ripples around her floating body. Sunlight reflects off the water.

The art theme of a woman swimming imparts feelings of freedom, independence, and indulgence.

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