Kick 2/6

Edition of 6 ~ 24×36 inches


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  • From a limited edition of 6 archival photographs
  • Signed and numbered by artist Aaron Knight
  • Image: 24×36 inches/61×91 cm
  • Paper: 26×38 inches/66×97 cm


Artwork of a woman swimming

This artwork of a woman swimming is a shot of enthusiasm through brilliant, blue crystalline waters. She makes her impression on the quiltwork of patterns, swirls, and intense hues of blue that surround her. Ripples flow from the athletic woman as she glides and her feet burst with the summertime energy of an explosive splash. Vibrant energy bursts from this artwork of a woman swimming in electric blue water.

Water in art is used as a broad metaphor for interconnectedness and more specifically for carnal desire, with nymphs and sirens that lure sailors. There are more molecules of water in a single glass than there are glasses of water in the oceans. Every bit of water we come in contact with has one molecule that has also touched Cleopatra, Zenobia, and Helen of Troy. If there are mermaids, water connects us to them, too.

Her exuberance occupies two worlds: the agitated surface, white and blurry, and the still, quiet blue below. Much of her energetic body is submerged to varying degrees. Parts of her emerge from the water and the immersed portion fades into the cold shadows. Her left foot is the deepest, barely visible as a murky silhouette. A ribbon of shadow defines her lower contour from her legs and buttocks up her back.

The woman’s posture is tranquil, head back, indulging in leisure and fun. Her face and hand break the surface, the rest of her body partially obscured by the water. The curves of her body turn ghostly beneath the surface, simultaneously revealed and concealed, a sense of fleeting sensuality. A light blue shadow gently outlines the left side of the woman.

This artwork of a woman swimming embodies feelings of nostalgia and enthusiasm. The cropping removes the context of her wider settings, but enough water is included to impart the energy of the ripples around her. She is absorbed in the activity of the moment, seemingly unaware of anything else around her.


The electric blue color of the water in this artwork is beyond the limitations of most digital devices. Some colors in the physical artwork will likely appear more intense than as shown on your screen.

Another artwork of a woman swimming:

Contrast this image with Aaron Knight’s other swimming pool artwork, Ava Free, which presents the figure in a vertical orientation.

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