Endless Summer mmxxi (two sizes)

32×48 and 40×60 inches


  • Two editions totalling 6 numbered archival photographs, and 1 artist proof.
  • Signed and numbered by artist Aaron Knight

Available in two sizes:

  • Ed 3 + 1AP, Oversized: 32×48 inches/81×122 cm $2450
  • Ed 3, Mammoth: 40×60 inches/102×152 cm $4750

Beautiful nude photography

A bold statement in blue: beautiful nude photography of a woman swimming through a shimmering pool. Her face epitomizes serenity and femininity. Despite an unmistakable sensuality, this nude artwork is subtle enough to be a living room nude. “Endless Summer” is an artistic photograph that captures the breathtaking beauty and grace of the human form. The subject of the photograph, a woman, is depicted swimming in a natural setting, her body perfectly at ease in the water.

Notable in this composition are the angle we see the face, the bright sunlight, and the upturned hand. Viewing the face from under the chin makes this an unorthodox portrayal. Paired with the bright sunlight, it emphasizes the versatility of this subject’s features, which are intriguing from any perspective. Her head and hand are the only body parts that fully break the surface.

Her water-filled palm is another curiosity. It indicates her direction of travel. Her fingers, loosely curled around the water, hint at her disposition.

In addition to the tranquil nature, there is a definite feeling of adventure to any beautiful nude photography in water. The outdoor setting gives a sense of exhilaration. The title, Endless Summer, makes clear this is a feeling she doesn’t want to end. This is a sentiment the viewer is likely to share. It’s a reminder that only dreams endure forever and that life is for those who don’t hesitate to act on their passion.

The photograph’s composition, employs the lines of the woman’s body echoing the curves and twists of the reflections around her. The light gives the photograph a warm and ethereal quality, evoking the feeling of an endless summer day. The photograph is a celebration of the female form, capturing the strength and elegance of the body.

Either on it’s own, or paired with identically sized female nude photography of the same motif, this piece makes a bold addition. The colors are vivid and dramatic, punctuated by bright reflections. The simple palette includes a range of blues from indigo to cerulean. The figure is in tones of muted peach, which merge into gray-blue under the water.  Her body is accented by the rich chestnut of her drifting hair.

This is a statement piece to add to your home or office decor. The impressively vibrant blue dominates as the centerpiece of the room. This large artwork will make a bold and beautiful impact in your distinguished space. It is a timeless theme that is sure to be a conversation starter in your home or office.


Mammoth—$4750, Oversized—$2450

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