Swift Transition mmxx (two sizes)

32×48 and 40×60 inches


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Oversized Nude Photograph

  • Two editions totalling 7 numbered archival photographs, and 1 artist proof.
  • Signed and numbered by artist Aaron Knight
  • Available in 2 sizes
  • Ed 4, Oversized: 32×48 inches/81×122 cm
  • Ed 3 + 1AP, Mammoth: 40×60 inches/102×152 cm

This oversized nude photograph makes a statement, bursting with energy in tones of electric blues and effervescent whites. Sweeping lines radiate out from the diver. Plunging into the water is a metaphor for a sudden transition, undertaken with abandon just short of recklessness. It is a celebration of exhilaration, a carefree lifestyle where one reaps the rewards of taking risks while others stand on the sidelines. Whether you bask in the pleasure of adventure or purely enjoy dreaming of daring exploits, this oversized nude photograph applauds a lifestyle that is unafraid of experiences. This is a centerpiece oversized nude photograph that is sure to command visual attention.

Only half of the figure, from posterior to toe, is visible; the rest of the figure has plunged into the water. The legs are rendered in a rosy warmth. Her body is lean and toned, with her ethnicity somewhat enigmatic. Central to the intensity of the image are kinetic and temporal elements: this is a body in motion, action precedes the current moment, and more is to come. It is undeniably a moment of transition.

Upon close inspection, her upper body and hair are vaguely visible where they dissolve into the blue.

The athletic figure and focus on the buttocks are decidedly erotic, but careful placement of water and reflections prevent this oversized nude photograph from being explicit. The amount of space occupied by the figure is deceptively small, but not lost in the large scale of the image. Emphasis remains on the body due to the simplicity of the negative space.

The artist has myriad influences for composition, mostly from paintings, but chiefly David Hockney’s painting, A Bigger Splash. However, this image diverges in the absence of California luxury or any exotic reference. The feelings of abundance and well-being are conveyed through the clarity and intensity of the color rather than the trappings of physical possessions portrayed in Hockney’s painting.

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