Purification (two sizes)

32×48 and 40×60 inches



Contemporary nude art

  • Two editions totaling 6 numbered archival photographs, and 1 artist proof.
  • Signed and numbered by artist Aaron Knight

Available in two sizes

  • Ed 3 + 1AP, Oversized: 32×48 inches/81×122 cm
  • Ed 3, Mammoth: 40×60 inches/102×152 cm

Contemporary nude art ranges from pinup to abstract. The details of her body are obscured by ripples and refraction, bridging the distinction between fine art nude and erotic art photography.

A female figure is partially submerged beneath deep azure waters. Bright and exuberant colors, multiple shades of electric blue, and a smooth, light beige intermingle. Only the tip of her chin emerges from the blue mass. A dark blue shadow snakes along her form, making her appear more luminous. Bright white highlights dance on the surface of the clear waters.

The posture and lines of the reclining swimmer are tranquil, but the colors of the water are vivid. Sunlight explodes at the top of the image where tiny drops and ripples interrupt the surface. Bubbles surround the figure and give a sense of depth to the layer of water above her.

She lays back, her face turned away, serenely overtaken by the aquatic wonderland.  Her outstretched arms create a solemn mood despite the visual assault of the large expanse of intense color. The edges of her form zig zag, melding with the water. For some, this can be a metaphor for a refuge in a world that seemingly demands our constant attention: a triumph of self-determination over our environment.

This liquid nude bridges the genres of fine art nude and erotic art photography. The image explores the interaction between the female form and the power of the water that envelops her.  While her movements easily change the appearance of the water, it envelopes her, representing an indomitable power. The appearance of water is endlessly intricate, and a human form in its midst adds to the complexity.

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Mammoth—$4750, Oversized—$2450

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