Aaron Knight’s kinetic photographs depict the female form in motion. This collection includes lively works focusing on bodily expression, emphasizing the energetic forces that physically propel them, and the inherent freedom this spontaneity offers. In this series, the artist also takes us through multiple captivating backgrounds to capture different women who embrace their inner strength.

Borrowing from classical conventions of the female nude in motion throughout art history, some of the images combine nature’s beauty with the body in its natural state, portraying women in outdoor settings varying from desert to aquatic landscapes.

Not There shows a brunette swimming forward through a grayish green pool, as the rippling water calls attention to her curving back and bare behind. Meanwhile, Zorra portrays a blonde mid-stride, leaping above the pale New Mexico sand, her arms outstretched against a blue sky.

In others, such as Paper Toss and Jump, Jorgie, Garage, the subjects occupy an industrialized indoor space — whether it be an obscure garage or seemingly abandoned office — and juxtapose the gritty backdrops with their nimble movements. Many of the subjects evoke the fluidity of a graceful dancer, flaunting their sinuous limbs and flowing hair.

Beyond the aesthetic distinctions, the images in Kinetic use unique angles in order to immerse viewers in the composition. Each photo exudes a tangible sense of liveliness through shadowing, depth of field, and motion blur techniques. With this eclectic range of activity, we’re able to witness the body in all its power, proving how dynamic it truly is.

~Summary by Christina Elia

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