Edition of 5 ~ 40×27 inches


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  • From a limited edition of 5 archival photographs + 1 proof
  • Signed and numbered by artist Aaron Knight
  • Image: 40×26.7 inches/102×68 cm
  • Paper: 42×28.7 inches/107×73 cm


Black and white art photograph

This black and white art photograph depicts a nude in the white sand landscape of the American desert southwest. A solitary figure springs up from the end of a trail of footprints. A puff of white gypsum sand scatters under her feet.

Her limbs are taught, exhibiting toned musculature and an enthusiastic spirit. Her chin is tipped in the direction of her upward trajectory, however her eyes connect with the viewer. In this gesture, she signals an awareness of being observed and underscores the performative aspect of this black and white art photograph.

The predominant tones of the image are warm grays. The white sand dunes are rendered in a less-than-white value, exhibiting the texture of wind ripples that extend into the distance. The sky and presumably blinding sun are also more muted than one might expect, rendered in deeper gray tones.

Despite the predominant lack of contrast in the composition, there are small areas of pure black and pure white. The edge of her face and hairline gleam in the sunlight, apparently coming from behind her. Areas of her face, such as her eyes, and under her ear are darkened in shadow.

Without the extremes of highlight and shadow, this image does not impart the feeling of blazing heat and blinding light that might be typical of a landscape of this sort. Rather, it is a tale of space, movement, and form. This compositional choice steers the viewer more towards prolonged inspection and contemplation than the immediate impact of the athletic feat it depicts.

The distant mountains are featureless, a jagged horizon that fades into the haze. These far-off peaks indicate the vastness of the desert. Although she appears alone for the moment, multiple footprints are visible on the dunes in the mid ground.

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