Flavorful Fruit

Edition of 6 ~ 36×24 inches


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  • From a limited edition of 6 archival photographs
  • Signed and numbered by artist Aaron Knight
  • Image: 36×24 inches/91×61 cm
  • Paper: 38×26 inches/97×66 cm


Art-ID: ZD3_0919 Medium: Collections: ,

Creative nude photography

Taking a unique perspective, such as this overhead composition, is a key element in creative nude photography. A large number of elements make up this composition. There are two nude figures, an array of fruit, a grocery bag, and an intricately patterned floor. The women lay in opposite directions, facing up. One woman lays on her back, legs crossed at the ankle. The other one lays inverted from our point of view with her body twisted onto her hip, and one leg bent over the otters. Although both subjects have their legs crossed, the overall mood is not modest.

One could summarize this artwork as common elements, including two nude figures, depicted in an unexpected way.

The primary activity in this image is the nude woman throwing an orange in the direction of the viewer. The orange is depicted mid-air, close enough that it appears similar in size to her head. In her other hand she holds a brown paper grocery bag.

The grocery bag is nearly universally iconic. Although a plain brown paper bag is perhaps something we rarely see, cultures across the world recognize it and have used it for over a century. The bag adds context and helps transform this collection of items and actions into a narrative. These are all common items that are connected by context. The exact story being told is cryptic and ambiguous. Viewers receive clues, yet the general concept of this nude photograph is clear. These are not simply a few fruits, the floor is a domestic setting, these are items from the day’s shopping.

Analyzing concepts

Creative nude photography seeks to create an artwork that not only communicates the artist’s main concepts, but also captivates the viewer. A successful art photograph will keep the viewer returning to contemplate what they’ve seen, and investigate the image for any details or ideas they may have missed.

Amidst the array of contextual clues, one of the women wears a small antique key on a ball chain around her neck. One can speculate their own theories as to any relationship between this symbol and the rest of the image.

The color palette is overwhelmingly warm tones of brown, peach, orange, and creamy off-white. The colors of the floor and bodies dominate the scene. The three oranges provide bright points of interest, however these tend to blend with the the green apples stand out against the myriad warm colors. Without these points of green, the other tones might get lost without this point of reference.

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