Edition of 6 ~ 27×18 inches


  • From a limited edition of 6 archival photographs
  • Signed and numbered by artist Aaron Knight
  • Image: 27×18 inches/69×46 cm
  • Paper: 29×20 inches/74×51 cm


limited edition nude photographs

This belongs to a series of limited edition nude photographs depicting a subject in shadow. Here, a nude figure lies on her stomach by the side of the pool. Her long frame is almost centered in the image, creating a strong vertical line. Our vantage point exaggerates the length of her legs. The black and white image displays predominantly middle-grey tones, highlighting the textures of the figure’s surroundings.

The image stirs tactile overtones. Her body is pressed against the pebbly surface of a pool patio. Her hair is drawn over her right shoulder and catches an afternoon breeze to lift above her skin. Hot sun and cool shadow mix on her backside.

She is just at the pool edge and her torso has the subtly-rippling water behind it. At the top of the image, the patterned tiles of the pool edge form curved lines that seem to hold the figure’s upper body. She looks off to the left, and the delicate profile of her face is only barely visible.

Striking shadows dominate this scene. torso. Her pale body is mostly covered in palm shadows. They shadows of the palms  above her, create a complex play of lines. The curves of the palm fronds seem to embrace the figure, with one arcing around her feet and another shading her. Only her buttock and the backs of her knees catch the light.

The title of this limited edition nude photograph, “Crush” suggests a sweet and innocent fascination. A crush does not have the depth of a love affair. Rather, it is focused on an idealized version of the beloved, a single dimension of them. This image suggests a moment in time, an illusion, a fantasy that can be enjoyed briefly. The viewer catches sight of this woman’s nude form and is able to observe her without her noticing. Her back is offered up to be admired but the rest of her form, her face, her personality are hidden. She remains mysterious, which only intensifies the crush.

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