Hope Chair Floor

Edition of 10 ~ 18×27 inches


  • From a limited edition of 6 archival photographs
  • Signed and numbered by artist Aaron Knight
  • Image: 18×27 inches/46×69 cm
  • Paper: 20×29 inches/51×74 cm


Erotic art photograph

Hope sits with her back to an tipped-over chair, her legs outstretched in opposite directions. The viewer’s eyes are drawn to her face, down her torso, to her legs, then to the chair. Her pose forms a stable pyramidal composition. Her legs form smaller triangles within the larger one. The nearly-grey tones of this erotic art photograph bear a slightly cool hue.

She leans her left elbow on the chair while her right one rests on her thigh. her head rests gently on the wall while she uses the chair to support herself. A shadow is cast on the wall, mimicking her form. The room is composed of rigid, straight lines that juxtapose her curves.

She has a muted, introspective expression. Her pose is relaxed, nearly exhausted. Her hand dangles, limp. The pose is as inadvertent as it is explicit. She does not meet the viewer’s gaze, lost in thought.

This erotic art photograph communicates a sense of intrigue and mystery while exploring the sensuality of the female form. Hope’s expression, her pose, and the toppled chair hint at an unknown story. Her emotions are genuine and her stance natural.


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