Edition of 5 ~ 34×34 inches


  • From a limited edition of 5 archival photographs
  • Signed and numbered by artist Aaron Knight
  • Image: 34×34 inches/86×86 cm
  • Paper: 36×36 inches/91×91 cm


Fine art figure photography

Fine art figure photography is artwork designed to showcase the aesthetic appeal of the nude form. This is black and white fine art figure photography depicting a nude woman. The composition of this piece consists of two major elements, which are her contorted figure and a simple geometric background.

She lays with one arm over her eyes; this is the chief emotional take-away from the image. This may signify she is shading her eyes from bright sun, but the metaphorical impact is deeper. Without the opportunity to connect visually through eye-contact, her posture conveys a sense of comfort with the display of her nudity.

Her legs are lifted playfully against the wall, fitting her contour into the square format of the image. Her front leg is bent more than the back one, resulting in a stacking of her feet, one higher than the other.

The woman’s dark body contrasts starkly with the pale, almost featureless expanse of near-white background. This shallow environment she occupies contains a horizontal line which runs almost the full width of the image. Another horizontal line, where the floor meets the wall, creates a parallel division. These two lines divide the backdrop roughly into thirds, giving the design a sense of order. A vertical line in the upper left corner unbalances that sense of oder. An additional unbalancing feature is her hand, which extends closer to the left edge of the image than her head does to the right edge. This means her body is visually shifted to just left of center in the frame. The shift of her body and the inclusion of the vertical line in the otherwise empty upper right corner create a sort of imperfect rebalancing. The slightly asymmetrical image is more energetic than if it were perfectly centered against a uniform background.

Half of her face is hidden, but she is not faceless.


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