Deck Patterns (Wahid)

Edition of 10 ~ 18×27


  • From a limited edition of 6 archival photographs
  • Signed and numbered by artist Aaron Knight
  • Image: 18×27 inches/46×69 cm
  • Paper: 20×29 inches/51×74 cm


Art-ID: AW9_0429 Medium: Collections: ,

In this fine art nude, a woman lays on her back, looking to her side to some unseen spectacle. Her hand shields her eyes from what sunlight filters through the shadows, which we can surmise are from overhanging branches. She is next to an empty swimming pool and the blue expanse dips to an eerie dark blue near the distant top of the image. Several rows of tile jut into the other upper corner. This unexpected framing implies a wider unseen setting.

The image is divided into two main areas: the pool and the concrete deck. Smaller zones of color and pattern exist in the tiles at the top right corner, the central figure and the shadows extending up from the lower edge of the artwork. A strong diagonal divides the image between the blue ripples of the pool and the brushed surface of the concrete. The figure disrupts this line with her elbow and knee, pushing her to the prominence in the composition.

The shadows that overlay both the pool deck and the protagonist serve to unite her with the environment. The color palette of this fine art nude consists of both strong and muted colors. The bold colors of blue ripples and terra cotta ceramic dominate the upper portion of the image. The shadowy pavement and figure provide a larger area of color that is more muted.

A wide array of patterns fit together to create this composition. The gentle ripple and sparkling reflections on the water form the most eye catching of these design elements. Another distinct pattern is the repeating white lines of the tile grout in the upper right corner. The organic patterns of the palm fronds overlays the brush texture of the pavement surrounding the woman.

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