Die verbotene frucht

Edition of 5 ~ 24 x 36 inches


  • From a limited edition of 3 archival photographs
  • Signed and numbered by artist Aaron Knight
  • Image: 36×24 inches/91×61 cm
  • Paper: 38×26 inches/97×66 cm


Large scale art nude photography

With large scale art nude photography, a female figure is a captivating subject. Here, portrayed in cool tones, she poses provocatively against an expanse of indeterminate depth. A gentle light defines the upper edges of her curves. Soft shadows clad the lower edges of her torso and limbs.

The lack of stark contrast between foreground and background emphasizes two-dimensionality, giving it a graphic feeling, a reference to classic “pin-up” ink drawings on paper.

The unabashed pose defies the convention of more demure fine art photography. Printed at large scale, the image makes a rebellious statement. The body fills the space, imparting an intimate tone that defies the scale of the artwork. She sits with her weight on one hip and thigh, as well as her hand. Her other foot serves to steady her. Her free hand rests on a raised knee, forming an additional line and leaving a space between her body and the arm.

This image was produced as a studio nude, with controlled lighting and color. The pose and sparse environment set a mood by highlighting particular features of the subject and pose.

The size and impact of this large scale art nude photography will draw the attention of viewers. Framed with a generous mat, it can command attention in a small room or a larger one. The provocatively enticing subject matter will appeal to art photography collectors who want to express their individual style and unconventional nature.

For a different take on this subject, depicted outdoors, check out this nude black and white.


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