Studio Nude Art Photography

Photographed in the sparse environment of a studio, a nude figure is isolated against an expanse of blank space. Devoid of distractions, the plain background serves as negative space in the composition. The result is attention on the form of the figure.

Color palettes set the mood of these studio images. These are simple compositions with few distractions. The major forms and blocks of color are instantly discernible. In each studio photograph, the relationships between the foreground and background guide the eye and suggest an emotional disposition. The figure may fill a space, dominating the composition; alternately, the figure may be dwarfed by an expanse of nothingness around her. Gradations on the back wall and floor suggest the overall depth of each image, depicting either a confined or open area.

For example, the backgrounds in the cold blue theme emphasize the warm tones of the body. The honey and amber tones of her hair and body radiate, and contrast with the backdrop. The effect is a glowing figure isolated against a somewhat bleak negative space. Shadows connect the figure to the floor and shading emphasizes her curves.

In another series, a warm mood depicts the body against harmonizing pale peach and white tones. Subtle rosy hues are visible in the highlights. Shadows are reduced and the overall atmosphere is lighter.

A random distribution of colors, in the form of confetti, presents a decidedly joyous spirit. In each of these, the floating squares of color emphasize depth. As with the body, the warm tones of the confetti stand out against a cool, slate-blue background. In an image with predominantly blue confetti, a neutral background helps offset both the confetti and the body.

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