Three and Six

Edition of 4 ~ 32×48 inches


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  • From an edition of 4 archival photographs
  • Signed and numbered by artist Aaron Knight
  • Image: 32×48 inches/81×122 cm
  • Paper: 34×50 inches/86×127 cm


Large art photograph

This large art photograph portrays three figures, with two facing the viewer and the third turned away. Six strands of heavy climbing rope descend from an unseen support above. Each of them appears confident and aware she is seen. They can be interpreted either as identical triplets or representations of the same person over a period of time.

A discussion of the composition of this artwork can begin with the placement of the three subjects. Examining the placement of each, we see pattern and variation. While the group is approximately centered and evenly distributed, the leftmost torso is angled, disrupting the symmetry. She bends sideways at the hips, resting her weight on the rope and setting her apart from the two who stand more vertically.

When it comes to cropping, the treatment of the space around the women is a bit unusual. A more conventional arrangement would place their bodies lower in the frame, without as much consideration to the ropes.
The three characters recede from closest to furthest as they progress from left to right, emphasizing a sense of depth and an irregularity in their otherwise even spacing.

With regards to the context of this image, we can discuss the difference between eroticism and explicitness, two terms that although related, do not mean the same thing.

The rightmost figure is explicit in the sense that she does not attempt to conceal her body. However, her pose is far from provocative. Rather, her nudity is prevented as a matter of fact. Nudity in itself, presented without intention, lacks any erotic flair.

The leftmost woman, although facing away, is sensuous in both her pose and the lack of effort to high details of her body. In addition to the immediate impact of this exhibitionist posture, it ensures minimal concealment.

On the other hand, the tactile way the two edge forms interact with the heavy rope, can be interpreted as erotic, even though it is not explicit. Although they merely wrap the rope around their arms, several factors about this evoke eroticism. The heavy rope is textured and it wraps tightly around their arms, and receives the caress of their fingers.

The central figure in this large art photograph stands in contrast to the other two. Her pose is deliberately the most modest of the three. She is turned slightly away from us, with one leg lifted to conceal what the others show.

By including three poses, one provocative, one more modest, and one that is explicit but lacking in eroticism, the viewer is encouraged to ponder how we interpret each of the signals in this large art photograph.

The colors of this image are soft and neutral. The figures themselves are an invigorating shade of peach, filling the scene with life. The twisted strands of rope are a light tan and the characters’ hair is a darker brown. Although this palette is limited to warm tones, there is a range of intensities from light to dark and from bright salmon to deep shadow. The slightly blue expanse of featureless space around them give the subtle colors of the subjects extra emphasis.

Compare this image to a large monochrome art nude, “Trimpidia” which also depicts three figures with hefty climbing ropes.

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