Candy Fresh

Edition of 3 ~ 32×48 inches


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  • From a limited edition of 3 archival photographs + 1 artist’s proof
  • Signed and numbered by artist Aaron Knight
  • Image: 32×48 inches/81×122 cm
  • Paper: 34×50 inches/86×127 cm


In this very large nude photograph, a fresh faced swimmer surfaces with her eyes closed. Her fingertips contact the pool wall. The majority of the nude woman is submerged, distorted and obscured by ripples and reflections. Glossy ripples swirl around her like fresh, melted candy.

There are three predominant elements in this nude composition. These three elements are her warm-toned body, the blue water surrounding her, and the bricks at the left of the image.

The nude figure is rendered in cool flesh tones, accented by her face which is lifted above the surface. The majority of her figure is submerged and mostly obscured by refraction and other distortions.

Glistening blue surrounds the body. The water is a chaotic mix of light patterns and ripples. The intense color commands attention.

The brick pool wall at the left is perhaps the most curious of these design elements. It forms a strong vertical that connects the top and bottom of the image. Despite occupying a small minority of the composition, this is perhaps its strongest distinction on an abstract level.

Water pervades this large nude photograph, with the exception of the vertical column of bricks. The swimmer’s face and hair are streaked with sparkles. The lashes of her closed eyelids and her lips gleam with highlights. The depth of the pool is indeterminant, however one gets the feeling that it is too deep to stand yet shallow enough that the bottom reflects light brilliantly.

The lack of concrete detail imparts an overall feeling of motion rather than a frozen instant.

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Aaron Knight

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