Elevated 3/6

Edition of 6 ~ 16×24 inches


  • From a limited edition of 6 archival photographs
  • Signed and numbered by artist Aaron Knight
  • Image: 16×24 inches/41×61 cm
  • Paper: 18×26 inches/46×66 cm


Monochrome nudes

A nude figure reclines on an elevated platform in a disused industrial building. Monochrome nudes can evoke a timeless feeling. This image contrasts brand new, handmade furniture with dilapidated surrounds that reveal the passage of time. The figure physically occupies the space, yet her spirit seems far away.

This limited-edition art nude photograph depicts a female form reclining on a flawless wooden table, which contrasts starkly with the derelict background of rough peeling paint and weathered buildings. The subject’s smooth, sensual curves are subtly echoed in the table’s design, standing out incongruously from the straight lines and industrial harshness of the space.

This image is multifaceted, but all lines draw the eye back to the nude figure. The surface of the table and the distant roofline divide the composition into horizontal thirds, while the centerline and bottom frame of the windows bisects the image both vertically and horizontally. The overall effect is balanced and aesthetically pleasing. The repeating window shapes both near and far as well as the repeating vents on the distant building only add to the orderliness.

The protagonist’s back is arched, lifting her shoulders and upper back off the table entirely. Her sleekly muscled shoulders are taught, although her fingers languish against the side of the tabletop. Her face is tipped back and her eyes are closed, while her long hair pools on the table. A few strands escape to stream tantalizing over the edge. One leg is pulled slightly up towards her body, her toes skimming the surface of the table.

Her overall demeanor suggests pleasure or perhaps feigned ecstasy, although the source is not immediately apparent. Her raised torso gives her an almost transcendent quality, as if she is physically here but spiritually elsewhere. The subject’s posture reflects pin-up style, although it diverges from the classic form in that she does not address the viewer or invite them in with eye contact or through her facial expression.

This art nude photograph is monochromatic, which adds a sense of timelessness and removes the distraction of color, leaving viewers free to contemplate the elegant female form and its dissimilarity to the structure and texture of the background. Only shadows, some subtle and some deeper, reveal the contours of the subject’s body.


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