Industrial Nudes Theme

So bizarre, they’re beautiful.

Images from Aaron Knight’s Industrial Nudes photographic theme. Urban exploration meets art nudes. The nude form set against incongruous settings comprised of cement, shiny metal, and grime. This series looks at the contrast between mechanical and the organic; the pristine and polluted. Even the most robust human body is graceful compared with the hulking, austere, components of the industrial backdrops. At its base, it is a narrative that compares an idealized “human as an animal” to humanity’s perpetual incursion into nature. At times, the images are jarring, a metaphor for the struggle to live with certain dehumanizing aspects of modernity. The theme also celebrates beauty and achievement by showcasing icons of mechanization in conjunction with the splendor of the human form. This collection is sometimes dystopian in tone, but can also be inspiring or darkly amusing.

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