Standing with Machines 2/25

Edition of 25 ~ 10×7 inches


  • From a limited edition of 25 archival photographs
  • Signed and numbered by artist Aaron Knight
  • Image: 10×7 inches/25×18 cm
  • Paper: 12×9 inches/30×23 cm
  • Shipped unframed in a sturdy, double-walled tube



Industrial pinup

In this industrial pinup, a nude figure’s imposing physique is visually matched by the vertical shape of the machinery. Conduit that used to be on the ceiling now lies on the floor. In this images of a nude woman with machines, a plethora of menacing shapes surrounds her, yet she seems oblivious to the hazardous environment. The stretch of her muscles and her firm grip on the machinery betray the tightness of her pose that is otherwise hidden by the easy freedom of her cascading hair and serene expression.

Her neck is bent back and her face is turned toward the ceiling, seen in profile. Her arms are outstretched and balances her weight as she leans back from the metal framework. Her hands are nested, one on top of the other, where she grips the machine. She rests her weight on one foot, with her heel lifted. The other leg is bent forward with her toes pointed downward, barely touching the base of the machine.

Ductwork and straps lay on the floor where they have presumably collapsed from the ceiling. An array of hoses and pipes can be seen running at various angles through the background. Various shelving and hanging items recede into the dim background creating a sense of space beyond the subject.

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