Two Brooklyn Nudes, ESB

Edition of 6 ~ 27×18 inches


  • From a limited edition of 6 archival photographs
  • Signed and numbered by artist Aaron Knight
  • Image: 27×18 inches/69×46 cm
  • Paper: 29×20 inches/74×51 cm


In this NYC skyline nude artwork, two figures stand in a Brooklyn apartment, the Empire State Building can be seen across the river in Manhattan. A series of rectangles confine the pair, contrasted to the enormous void beyond the window and the massive structures in the distance. A hazy sky shrouds the buildings in a city of possibilities. No matter who you are, you’ll see those who are less fortunate and more fortunate; those who struggle more and struggle less. The comparisons in scale and space speak of a life that balances apprehension with anticipation.

Light comes in through the window and also the doorway through which one of the women peers outward. The closer figure looms in the foreground. Her head and toes crowd the edges of the composition, in an unorthodoxly tight cropping.

This is a city that changes, as with our own lives, what we knew to be has evolved into something new. This is an apartment under continual renovation. In a space as vast and changing as this, you realize life is something that can never be conquered, it can only be lived.

The full title of this NYC skyline nude is, Two Brooklyn Nudes, Empire State Building. This image presents an enclosed space with a view towards the skyline. Compare this to the open rooftop view in another black and white skyline nude which features the World Trade Center, instead of the Empire State Building.



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