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Blue Silk

Edition of 5 ~ 32×48 inches


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  • From an edition of 5 archival photographs
  • Signed and numbered by artist Aaron Knight
  • Image: 32×48 inches/81×122 cm
  • Paper: 34×50 inches/86×127 cm


Large-Scale Photography

This large-scale photography is an artistic portrayal of a nude woman swimming in a pool of deep blue water. Her face is relaxed and pleasant, absorbed in her activity. It alludes to a life of hedonistic leisure. Most of us have a connection to water and swimming, whether it is our daily lifestyle, something we do on vacation, or an aspirational retirement.

A thin layer of water washes over most of her figure. The liquid casts a pattern of shadows across her body. She swims with one arm outstretched. Her face and body are turned towards the viewer and her legs trail behind her torso. Chesnut brown hair flows from the side of her head and helps frame her face. Though most of her body is submerged, her face and fingers break through the surface,

The upper left and lower right corners are inky black water that bracket the figure. A swath of blue ripples runs diagonally through the composition along her direction of travel. Swirls of deep dark blue mix with highlights of electric blue all around the nude swimmer.

The angle of sun and shadow tell us it is the middle of the day. We can imagine the warmth that accompanies the sunlight that bathes her figure as she swims through he pool.

This large-scale photography will be imposingly large, matted and framed as a centerpiece in a large room. The brilliant blue water and arresting nude figure can become be a conversation piece on your wall.

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