Edition of 6 ~ 20×30 inches


  • From a limited edition of 6 archival photographs
  • Signed and numbered by artist Aaron Knight
  • Image: 20×30 inches/51×76 cm
  • Paper: 22×32 inches/56×81 cm


Nude fine art photography

The word formation has two meanings for artist Aaron Knight. The pair of women are joining together. The mix of patches of color and strong outlines recall the effects of a paintbrush. Additionally, the paint-like distribution of color and positions of the figures was inspired by Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam portion of the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. In this nude fine art photography, we have female figures in the roles.

The composition is divided horizontally. The bodies occupy a swath of earth tones that descends diagonally from left to right. Above and below are cool-toned pastel colors. Subtle, sweeping lines accent the blue, green, sienna tones that surround the two figures. These faint lines are underwater reflections of light. They take a multitude of directions, but form consistent patterns in localized areas.

Although the masses in the composition are balanced to the point of being static, the imagery kinetic. The flowing hair and suspended bodies imply action. The activity is temporal, implying what is about to happen, as we witness an instant before the two women join hands. Their bodies are outstretched into graceful lines. The bold, contrasting colors of the figures snake through this nude fine art photography. The swept-back hair of the model on the right emphasizes the feeling that they are moving towards each other.

A striking element of this display is the use of negative (blank) space to set the mood. The mostly featureless areas above and below the figures impart an ethereal quality. This allows us the consider them as floating, weightlessly, as easily angles in the clouds as bathers under water.

Both faces are obscured, one partially, the other entirely. This imparts a degree of anonymity and universality to the story, furthering the mythical quality. The combination of turquoise and sienna evoke a light, cheerful mood with a certain amount of charm. The painterly textures of this nude fine art photography implies a refined mood.

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This image is a departure from Knight’s primary style. Throughout this artwork is a soft grainy/gritty effect. This effect is most pronounced in the corners. Daubs of coloration give the surface a painted appearance. These aspects can be examined prior to purchase by fully zooming in on each preview.

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