Rebel Spirit

Edition of 5 ~ 27×40 inches


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  • From a limited edition of 5 archival photographs
  • Signed and numbered by artist Aaron Knight
  • Image: 26.7×40 inches/68×102 cm
  • Paper: 28.7×42 inches/73×107 cm


Nude photography composition

The main subject in this nude photography composition is a solitary woman, sitting with a pensive look on her face. Her gaze is directed out of frame, her sightline slightly above the horizon, as if deep in thought. Her legs are bent with her knees raised into a somewhat modest nude pose. She loosely cradles her knees with her arms.

Behind her is a small swimming pool. The edges of the pool cut into the frame as straight lines that meet at rounded corners. This idyllic scene creates a mood that is tranquil and indulgent, but far from opulent. The lack of a horizon, sky, or other further context keeps the location a bit of a mystery. The close framing and distance to the subject suggests a sense of familiarity.

The foreground is bright concrete, almost white, textured with a pattern of sweeping combed lines. The deeply saturated blue water flanks the sides of the figure. The blue is also visible in the triangular gap beneath her knee and the triangular space between her thigh, tricep, and torso. The edge of the pool continues between her calf and thigh, adding some intricacy to the assortment of limbs at the center of the composition.

On the right side of the image, a wedge of bright pavement juts into the blue area of water. On the left side of the image, shade from palm fronds jut into the strip of pavement there. The main subject’s shadow extends through the foreground, off the bottom edge of the photograph. Having only part of her shadow visible underscores the proximity to the subject.
A series of horizontal elements echo through this image. A horizontal band of shade across the blue water is positioned just above the center of the image.

The top of the nude photography composition is dense shadow and murky green foliage. The swath of dark across the top and her dark hair frame her light-complexioned face. The back edge of the swimming pool forms a subtle, nearly horizontal line separating the blue from the darker tones of the top edge.