Greetings from Sunshine

Edition of 6 ~ 36×24 inches


  • From a limited edition of 6 archival photographs
  • Signed and numbered by artist Aaron Knight
  • Image: 36×24 inches/91×61 cm
  • Paper: 38×26 inches/97×66 cm


Swimming pool limited edition

Bright colors and brighter spirits set a festive mood in this swimming pool themed limited edition archival photograph. Reminiscent of postcard perfect scenes collected by summer vacationers, this composition has a kitschy whimsey to it. The tanned bather bursts from the paper against brilliant aqua ripples in the swimming pool behind her.

A woman in a swimming pool gives a big “Hello!” with her smile to another woman who shades her eyes as if to salute her friend. They stand in the shallow end of the pool, near a handrail.

The title, Greetings from Sunshine, is both ambiguous and whimsical. One interpretation is a postcard slogan from some fictional town or region that is simply called Sunshine. Another possible scenario in this story is that one of the characters is named Sunshine, and is greeting the other character in the moment depicted. If this is the case, then Sunshine knows how to take the bite out of a hot summer day, with a dip in the pool and a friendly smile. The cool water and beautiful colors really help take the edge off.

In the end, neither the title nor the image is meant to be a definitive illustration of any one idea. It is meant to be enjoyed for it’s patterns, colors, and forms. Additionally, this swimming pool limited edition is intended to be enjoyed for the opportunity to continually explore and ponder the content and composition. This image can be a constant reminder that our enjoyment of life often depends on add a few choice ingredients to shift our point of view.


The vibrant turquoise color of the water in this artwork is beyond the limitations of most digital screens. Some colors in the physical artwork will likely appear more intense than as shown on your screen.

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