Nude Photography as Art

Nude photography is almost as old as photography. Early photographic artists emulated classic nude artworks such as paintings and sculptures, sometimes recreating exact scenes. Nude photography as an art form can stir a wide range of emotions, typically centered on admiration of the aesthetic of the human form.

Pioneers of the genre include Edward Weston and Alfred Stieglitz in the early 20th century. Famous nude art photography by Stieglitz include figure photography of Georgia O’Keeffe.

Fine art photographer Aaron Knight celebrates the feminine form through dramatic artworks. A diverse selection of color photography as well as black and white prints are available as signed, original limited edition photographs.

Nude art photography and erotic art photography are not always the same thing. Not all nude photographs are erotic and eroticism does not have to be explicit. A nude which leaves a lot to the imagination can celebrate the form by imparting an erotic tone through lighting, posture, and the subject’s expression. Portraying a character through the apparent intentions and emotions of the subject (the person depicted in the image) can be more powerful than a simple display of nudity.

Mood of Nude Photography

The tone of nude photography is specific to each artwork. The predominance of certain aspects, whether those be shadows, bright areas, or a specific color or pattern, can strongly influence the mood. For example, a large proportions of dark tones may set a more contemplative spirit than a brightly-lit scene. Muted colors or cool tones (bluish grays) may be more serious, while bright or hot colors (reds, yellows, oranges) or warm grays can be more festive. Multiple cues combine in a composition to help paint the overall frame of mind.

Artistic choices such as cropping, angle of view (vantage point), and distance to the subject will influence how a viewer interprets an artwork. For example, a closer portrait suggests a familiarity with the person depicted. A wider angle image that includes a great deal of scenery is less personal and emphasizes the aesthetics of the composition. Super tight cropping is a conscious choice to present figure as a deign element,

Many compositional choices may be so subtle that the viewer is not consciously aware of them until deeper analysis. Through viewing multiple examples of nude photography a viewer can learn to spot these artistic differences. In time, a viewer may begin to notice not only what has been done but what has been omitted, and interpret the mood of each composition.

The Figure as Subject Matter

The subject matter of nude photography greatly influences its appeal. The figure may be paired with a pristine landscape, or it may be amidst a gritty industrial scene. The former treatment can be a comment on the beauty of the feminine form while the latter could be a more personal statement on the rarity of finding an oasis of beauty in contemporary life.

Nude Photography For Sale

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