And She Was

Edition of 5 ~ 24×36 inches


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  • From a limited edition of 5 archival photographs
  • Signed and numbered by artist Aaron Knight
  • Image: 24×36 inches/61×91 cm
  • Paper: 26×38 inches/66×97 cm


Artistic nude images, such as this one, can be nuanced by their composition and palette. A slender female figure underwater takes on a specific mood via the muted colors and vast emptiness beneath her.

The lower half of the composition is without any significant subject matter (negative space.) Despite occupying only a portion of the composition, the figure measures twenty seven inches in the artwork. The vastness of the vacant space, compared to the size of the figure, creates a mood.

Compare this composition to another art nude photograph, Nocciola subacquea, which fills the frame with the figure, rendered in brilliant colors.

See similar artistic nude images: underwater art nudes.


This image is a departure from artist Aaron Knight’s primary style. Throughout this artwork is a soft grainy/gritty effect. This effect is most pronounced in the corners. These aspects can be examined prior to purchase by fully zooming in on each preview.

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