Astrid Laughs

Edition of 6 ~ 24×36 inches


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  • From a limited edition of 6 archival photographs
  • Signed and numbered by artist Aaron Knight
  • Image: 24×36 inches/61×91 cm
  • Paper: 26×38 inches/66×97 cm


Art-ID: ZD9_1376 Medium: Collections: ,

Artistic nude photograph

This artistic nude photograph features two nude women as it’s main subjects, relaxing around a swimming pool. Although not explicit, there is a degree of sensuality. The central figure lays with her side visible. Her torso is propped up on her elbows, lifting her chest from the ground. Her head is lifted in spontaneous laughter and she squints with emotion. Her toes flex against the ground. Drops of water glisten on the backs of her legs, hips, and back.

The secondary figure is close by, with her back visible. Half of her body is submerged in the swimming pool. The tops of her hips are visible below the surface, partly obscured by the ripples. Rich brown hair sticks to her back and covers most of it to down below the water line. A tiny gold hoop earring is barely visible in her earlobe under close inspection.

There are four major areas to the composition, separated by straight lines. These areas are the bright strip of pavement near the center where one of the nude women lays. Her feet extend into an area of shadow along the left edge. The other nude woman also bridges two areas: the pool and the central strip of pavement. An additional area of shadow helps balance the placement of other tones.

The deep blue swimming pool that occupies the lower right portion of this image is the most vibrant element of the color palette. The bright pavement in the center is textured with brush lines. The pink mat on which the one figure lies, has a woven pattern at a similar gauge to the brushed concrete.

Along the top edge, are somber tones of green and brown. This area is populated by points of light in the shadow which gradually give way to sparse shadows and then merges with the brighter section of pavement. The shadows along the left edge shows the slats of a fence, with slivers of light peeking through.