Under the Triumph

Edition of 5 ~ 36×24 inches


  • From a limited edition of 5 archival photographs
  • Signed and numbered by artist Aaron Knight
  • Image: 36×24 inches/91×61 cm
  • Paper: 38×26 inches/97×66 cm


Artistic nude photographs

A nude woman in an unusual pose under a 1967 Triumph Bonneville motorcycle. This is one of several artistic nude photographs by Aaron Knight that employ an automotive theme.

The image is curious for many reasons. The positioning of the figure to the mechanical apparatus is not only whimsical, it sparks the viewer’s curiosity. The position of the head near the bottom of the frame is unorthodox as well.

One might consider this nude photograph to be a reaction to the classic pinup theme. All of the components are there: a comely woman, an element of allure in her attitude, and a prototypical masculine curio in the form of the motorcycle. Nonetheless, the concept has been turned upside down, literally. The floor is strewn with oil and dirt, the pose is only vaguely provocative, and what remains are only remnants of sensuality.

The woman’s mascara-clad eyelashes are distinct against her cheeks. The curves of her chest and hips are prominent. Not to mention her luxurious hair, paradoxically dazzling against the grimy floor.

Perhaps the most compelling visual aspects of this photograph are certain areas of tonal contrast. In the nude woman’s hair we find a range from nearly pure white to black, including a shine that dances across the wavy strands. In the pitted chrome of the machine, we see darks and lights sprinkled next to each other. The shadows on her body never quite reach into the dark tones, and texture is visible throughout.

Lines lead the eye towards the top of the image. The line in the concrete floor converges with nude woman’s outstretched limbs. The pipes and  frame of the motorbike meet near this juncture as well. However, for all the dynamic effect of guiding the eye up, one is prone to continue roving the entire trove of visual information.

Rendering the scene in monochrome tones of black and white is a common attribute of artistic nude photographs.



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