Gray Cotton 3/10

Edition of 10 ~ 24×16 inches


  • From a limited edition of 10 archival photographs
  • Signed and numbered by artist Aaron Knight
  • Image: 24×16 inches/61×41 cm
  • Paper: 26×18 inches/66×46 cm


Black and white art photo

A single unclad figure sits where the waves meet the shore. This black and white art photo consists of mostly middle gray tones, punctuated by a occasional robust blacks and luminous ivory. The inky hair that frames her face and some interior contours of her limbs are the dark areas that anchor the subject. Blossoms of illumination emerge from the haze as the only areas of white.

A bold, charcoal-colored, wedge-shaped horizon divides the image and draws attention to the region of her shoulders; this is balanced above and below by her face and breasts. The negative space (background) of sand forms a number of angular shapes, most interesting of which is a triangle between her arm and hip. She sits off-center, with her raised elbow falling approximately in the vertical middle; only her legs encroach on the right half of the image. Nonetheless, there is a balance in the arrangement of off-center elements.

Despite the solemn gray tones, this black and white art photo is far from gloomy. The woman’s weight is casually on one hip and arm, the opposite hand raised coquettishly, brushing hair over one eye. Her hair is wet from the ocean and her body is dotted with beads of water. Her figure is half-reflected in the wet sand, her outline faintly visible in the rippled mirror. The photograph has a soft, watercolor appearance at the edges of the body. The details merge into one another, revealing just enough evidence to distinguish waves, sand, drips, and ripples.

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