Kaylee, Back 2/10

Edition of 10 ~ 16×11 inches


  • From a limited edition of 10 archival photographs
  • Signed and numbered by artist Aaron Knight
  • Image: 16×10.75 inches/41×27 cm
  • Paper: 18×12.75 inches/46×32 cm



Black-and-white nude photograph

A toned black-and-white nude photograph of a woman with silky hair and a tranquil gaze. Her tangled locks contrast with the smooth, graceful contours of her back. The slight twist of her back reveals her desire to connect with the viewer without compromising her position. The overall mood is calm and comforting.

She conceals her legs and right arm, presenting us with only her face, back, and left arm. The hidden parts of her beg to be seen, but she coquettishly tucks them away. Inaccessible as she may seem, once your eyes dwell on her frame, the only thing left is her vulnerable stare. Her bare back and a hint of her buttocks are the only tinges of eroticism, yet she exudes passion. She does not seem concerned with appeasing us; triggering our contemplation seems to be her sole purpose.

The majority of tones in this composition are dark grays. The lighter areas are her face arm, and side, forming a column of light. These brighter areas stand out from the dense negative space and shadows on her form. Although her stance is not symmetrical, it is balanced. Additionally, these dark tones support the static composition.

Secondary details, in the mid tones of her back, reveal subtle details. The shadows detail her spine, dimples, and muscles.

A diamond Coco Chanel earring is a clue as to the era and her social status. Historically, art collectors have thought of nude figures as universal: the lack of clothing conceals the time and nature of the subject. However, elements of style always reveal some of this information.

This toned black-and-white nude photograph differs from a monochrome image in that it contains subtle tones of purple-grays and amber-grays. This combination of warm and cool grays gives a feeling of depth and makes the nude figure seem to glow.

Compare this single subject with the two subjects in other nude art monochrome photography.

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