Composition with Figure and Palm Frond Shadows (sold)

Edition of 1 ~ 11×16 inches


  • Edition of 1 (sold)
  • 11×16 inches, 41×28 cm
  • Archival ink on fine art paper
  • Signed by artist Aaron Knight
  • Special commission

Sold Out

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This one-of-a-kind photograph has been sold. This artwork was made on commission for a specific collector. Art collectors who buy original fine art often want something unique.

Unlike Aaron Knight’s limited editions, commissioned artwork can often be one-of-a-kind. These art prints are marked “1/1” to indicate they are the only one printed. The editioning is in the lower-left margin, just as in an edition of multiples. They are signed and dated in his normal fashion on the lower right of the one-inch border that runs around all four edges of the artwork.

As always, when you buy original fine art from Knight, commissions will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

The goal of this nude photograph was to explore the camouflaging effect when the body shape is overpowered by high contrast shadow patterns. The edge of the body emerges slightly from the shadows to lead the viewer into the subject. Partly obscuring the nude figure creates a intriguing composition and alters the emotional tone of the artwork.

To produce this photograph, Art photographer Aaron Knight drew upon his traditional background in painting and drawing. Elements of line, form, and value were the building blocks. Dark values dominate a diagonal through the frame. Additionally, dark values frame the edges of the composition.

Art collectors request commissioned artworks for various reasons: wanting something specific, owning something unique, supporting independent artists, and being involved in the creative process.

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