Edition of 5 ~ 25×25 inches


  • From a limited edition of 5 archival photographs
  • Signed and numbered by artist Aaron Knight
  • Image: 25×25 inches/64×64 cm
  • Paper: 27×27 inches/69×69 cm


A fine art nude photograph of a single woman standing off-center, holding a massive iron pry-bar. She is slender and muscular, lifting the heavy bar with ease while striking a casual stance. She leans into the bar, balancing its weight with hers, he weight from hips to feet is shifted toward the center of the composition, creating a pictorial tension that balances her off-center placement. Her back is to us as she faces a weathered workbench, strewn with parts and tools. Her body is detailed with shadows and curves from her shoulders to her legs. Light on her sides leaves her back defined in dark sweeping shapes.

Her head is turned slightly, her face obscured, and her chin barely visible below her short, curly amber locks. Although the mood is quiet and static, there is a feeling of pent-up energy created by the turns at each joint from neck to shin, and the way that she visually invades the right half of the image from her stance at the left. She holds the bar to occupy the right margin of the image, the resulting in an “A” shape with her body and the bench top.

The dominant lines are mostly horizontal and slightly askew, resulting in a series of wedge shapes, the most prominent being that of the floor.

Boxes of varying sizes and stacks of equipment make a quilt-work of industrial textures. The palette is muted purples, peach hues, and earth tones, accented with hints of red and green. The colors are plausible, reminiscent of a painting or hand-colored photograph, taking us into an imaginary world where we are invited to abandon our doubts. Faint details emerge from shadows. The patterns of this fine art nude photograph interlock in shapes of the foreground objects and close wall. The result is a milieu of explorable details a figure who occupies a minority of the composition, but dominates it through her stance.


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