Lauren by the Window 3/25

Edition of 25 ~ 14×11 inches


  • From a limited edition of 25 archival photographs
  • Signed and numbered by artist Aaron Knight
  • Image: 14×10.9 inches/36×28 cm
  • Paper: 16×12.9 inches/41×33 cm



This sepia-toned nude art photograph of a woman contains a variety of warm and cool tones. Gentle fenestral light showcases this model’s lithe, undulating pose. Her gaze connects with the viewer as her body strains towards the light, while her expression hints at being caught in a moment of vulnerability and reflection. A wash of warmth coming from the window hints at what lies outside as it invades the cold shadows of the space. At the bottom of the image, her figure disappears into a veil of darkness that draws energy from the near-black tones of her hair and eyes.

The left portion of the image is dominated by three bright rectangles in the window. These correspond to the amber highlights on her torso. The straight lines add structure to the image. Additional straight lines are visible in the shadows behind her body.

The soft light wraps around her body and defines her curves. Her ribs and abdomen are highlighted. The crescent-shaped edge of her face shines. A cross necklace punctuates the forms and adds context. The symbol dangles between her breasts as she gazes back at the viewer. There is an ambivalence to her character. She seems at ease with her nudity and poised to express thoughts.

Her arms extend beyond the picture frame and her body below the hips is not visible. This close cropping adds a feeling of intimacy to the image as if the viewer shares this space and experience with her. The simple composition adds mystery to the photograph. She seems ready to interact and her next actions are unknown. The hidden hands and legs add to the enigmatic mood.

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